Will Visclosky’s War on Cars Parallel War on Coal

Unions rally in 2013 against EPA mandates that shut down coal plants in Pennsylvania.

NOTE: This is the third in our series “War on Cars” where we detail the “hidden metric” behind Congressman Pete Visclosky’s $5B regional transformation plan. As we move forward, we will be compiling all articles related to the Regional Transformation Plan, the West Lake Extension, Double Tracking of the current NICTD/South Shore line and Transit Oriented Development in one page.
January 10, 2017-It is clear that Congressman Pete Visclosky has decided to wage war on the way of life of region residents in working with consultant Doug Farr. Farr’s stated mission to reduce vehicle miles travelled by 50% by the year 2030 by designing communities that force residents to give up their cars. What will this look like for region residents who work in good paying region jobs at BP, Lear, Ford and U.S. Steel? Take a look at the devastation that President Obama’s war on coal wreaked on those who were employed in the coal industry and you begin to get a picture of Visclosky’s plan to “radically transform” northwest Indiana. In 2012 the US House of Representatives approved the Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012. Congressman Visclosky voted “No” on the bill which later died in Senate Committee.

Please let us know in the comments, do you agree with Congressman Visclosky’s plan to “radically transform” northwest Indiana by forcing people to drive less?


  1. No, people that depend on driving to and from their jobs should not be penalized by having to pay a higher tax on gasoline while corporations are being given tax breaks. The dissurcation of the middle class working family is what is at stake here. While company executives wages have gone up astronomically working class americans have had to work multiple jobs to provide for their families. This has contibuted to people having to drive more to get back and forth to their jobs and has taken away from people having time to choose healthy life choices for themselves and their families being that they have less time at home and depend more on fast food and eating out. So to make us pay a higher gasoline tax to fund another means of transportation is not fair to those that depend on their automobiles as a means to provide for their families.

  2. JP
    It’s time that everyone realize that politicians know what is best for us, especially when it comes to how best to live our lives. As I am too stupid to think for myself, I am happy to entrust the likes of Pete Visclosky to do all of my thinking for me. Of course he, and other politicians are also welcome to as much of my hard-earned money as they wish, because once again, they know better what to do with it than I could ever hope to.
    (In case you missed my obvious sarcasm, the real answer to the question you posed is “no.” )

  3. Oh, and of course they won’t bring jobs to NW Indiana. And we’ll continue to be the state’s step child…They won’t let us drive to where the jobs are, will continue to neglect giving us resources because the rest of the state thinks we’re part of Chicago…Move now, people! Move to a different state or secede!

  4. Nothing Pete Visclosky does matters. He’ll get re-elected even after he’s dead. Too many democrats in the district, too many uninformed, too many uncaring.

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