We Are Back, Bigger and Better Than Before

Thanks to a lot of hard work by Nerd Mom’s IT Service, we are back up and running.  We can now safely handle 1M visitors per month but we hope to outgrow that soon as well.  Growing is never easy, especially when you are on a minimal budget.  We thank all of our faithful followers for their continued patience and support.   In the coming weeks we hope to add contributors and content, bringing more original reporting with more diverse viewpoints.   

We thank everyone for reading.  We truly are grateful for the opportunity to reach you.


  1. You are to be commended for all your efforts. They are indeed appreciated. The highest praise I can give is to say for me you are a “go to” source for region news!

    – A former “Region Rat”

  2. Ken,
    Good to know it is being worked on. I mentioned it as I a) had no way of knowing whether it was just my computer or b) if others who also experienced it had brought to your attention.

    Keep up the good work!

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