Happy Easter Northwest Indiana!

easter bunny  

It is amazing to us when we hear folks say, “There’s nothing to do in Northwest Indiana.” If you look at it from our point of view, you’d understand. Here it is March 25th, and we have over 37 Easter Events Listed, and we’re just getting started!
The enthusiasm, volunteers and generosity of the citizens of Northwest indiana Is what makes our job here at PanoramaNOW so rewarding. We love the fact that thousands of kids are going to see the Easter Bunny and start a tradition that will last a lifetime. The opportunities are truly amazing!
From egg decorating to breakfasts, parades, Easter bonnet contests, Easter Egg hunts and more, there’s tons of places to go and places to see this Easter season. From Goodie bags, donuts, to golden eggs, we’ve got them listed for your enjoyment.
We know it’s been a long winter, so get out this Easter, and enjoy more than one Easter event. We’ll keep adding them hoping the spread Easter joy to all throughout the Region. Don’t forget to check on the website of your local church as well, we know we haven’t covered every church in “Da Region.”
Here’s the link to our Easter page, and Happy Easter from all of us at PanoramaNOW Entertainment News Magazine and Website. www.panoramanow.com/Festivals_Easter.htm‎ 
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