Missing in Indiana: Mike Wallace May be in Lake County

by Ken Davidson

Family members are searching for Mike Wallace who was last seen in Lafayette, IN

Family members are searching for Mike Wallace who was last seen in Lafayette, IN

UPDATE:  The Gazette has been informed that Mike has been located, safe and sound.  We will update this story when details become available.  Thank you to everyone who shared this and the thousands who kept a lookout for him.

Mike Wallace dropped his girlfriend off at work at Purdue in Lafayette on Monday. Shortly after that he sent a text saying he was being pulled over by a police officer. No one has heard from him since. The family has now started a Facebook campaign to try to get information from anyone who may have seen Mike or the 2004 Toyota that he was driving. The family is asking that you share this post with anyone in Lafayette, Bloomington or Lake County areas in Indiana.

According to his sister, Amber, Mike would never leave without contacting his grandmother. Mike was last seen in the Lafayette, Indiana area but there was a report that the car Mike was last seen in was in Merrillville on January 29. Amber has heard nothing from police since that time. If you believe that you have seen Mike Wallace please contact the family at telephone number (317)407-3924. A photo of the car that Mike was driving is pictured below.

Mike Wallace was last seen driving this 2004 toyota camry, white

Mike Wallace was last seen driving this 2004 toyota camry, white



  • He has been found safe and back home!!!!

  • How does this anonymous know so much

  • An I want to know how does this anonymous know so much ??

  • Have they ever found the cop car that was missing .

  • I will pray he is found alive, safe and not harmed in any way. This is so weird. I worry about people posing as police offers who are really criminals.


    • From his sister: “he does have lots of tattoos but not one on his hands he has a rebel flag on left side of his chest a green Celtic cross on his leg in the word cowboy cross is back there are few more but I can’t think of them right off the top of my head.” This was earlier, in response to a comment about a tattoo on his hand. I will ask specifically about the arm. Thank you very much.

    • She states he does have one tattoo running down his inner left arm. If you have seen him please call 317-407-3924

    • have you seen him? i pray this young man is found. so very sad!


  • So many cautious posts about not pulling over just because they have flashing lights on the other car. I agree – flashers and head to a populated area. Too bad it’s come to this – being afraid of the ones who are supposed to protect us.

    • You make no sense. Don’t call the police when you’re in trouble. Problem solved. There is boring in this article that proves he was being pulled over by a police officer or some scum bag wannabe. Only a text that could have come from anyone. Use some Damn sense.

  • Dennis Linda Croy

    praying for your family …that he is reconnected with you today

  • Is there a police record showing proof of a stop? Was it really an officer that pulled him over?

    • Just curious if there was a police report of him being pulled over. I seen on fb the other day of a police officer and his squad car was missing. I shared it on my fb.

  • I remember hearing a story about 12 years ago from a woman I knew coming back from Lafayette to NW Indiana about someone imitating a police officer (unmarked squad car) and trying to pull her over on US41. Her instinct told her not to stop and she phoned a friend who worked for one of the departments. That probably saved her life because the phony cop took off when he saw she was making a call.

  • Sounds like a fake stop unfortunately. But for what reason?

  • No credit card or debit card usage? How bout his phone records ? Any activity?

    • Has anyone tried to verify thru the police that he was actually pulled over?

      • There are various possible police agencies that could have been involved. So far, there is no record of a traffic stop at that time.

  • Does he have tattoos on his hands?

  • I have always told my daughter if she sees blue/red lights in her rear view mirror, she is to put on her emergency flashers and drive 5 miles under speed limit to the nearest populated location. A gas station, a convenience store, a Walmart parking lot. Anyplace there are people around. Law enforcement are here to help, but anyone can buy a flashing blue dash light. I told her to simply explain to the officer when she finally stopped her reasons for not pulling over right away. Better safe and sorry with an explanation to a pissed off police officer than never seen again.

    • Have them call 911 while driving so they can dispatch any officers in the area too.

      • calling 911 and explaining your reasons is much better. i read a story not to long ago that a teenage boy kept going, at a reduced speed and the cops said they thought he was trying to run from him (YES.. AT A LOWER SPEED). they shot the car and once he came to a stop and he opened his door, he was shot on sight. they were pulling him over because they believed he was someone wanted. a young innocent life taken from us yet again. its so very sad. i hope this boy is found. its sad to think what could have happened but you can never give up hope until the truth is revealed.

    • That’s not very wise your daughter should call 911 and verify its a real cop if not the real police will come and arrest the imitator as someone else stated people have been shot because police think they’re fleeing. The police say if you’re not sure to call 911 tell your kids to do that it’s just ignorant to tell them to keep driving no call 911 then nobody gets hurt. But we have no proof someone imitated a cop and kidnapped him or something it’s more likely he wrecked his car and hasn’t been found. Or he just left who knows that’s why it a missing persons case. Praying for his safe return.

  • Were lake county officials notified

  • I hope he is found safe and very soon.prayers for ur family.sharing in valpo.

  • that is so weird. I hope he is ok.

  • Plate number?