Griffith Officials Issue Statement on Water Main Break and Water Service

A boil order is in effect for Griffith residents that live south of the railroad tracks which run just south of Main.
Statement Issued by the Town of Griffith regarding the water main break and water service to residents:
The town (of Griffith) has experienced a break to a 12 inch water delivery main on the south end of town. Those primarily effected are those residences south of the railroad tracks on S Broad St. The location of the break has been determined and repair crews have been summoned to correct the situation as quickly as possible however, there is no known estimated time for the completion of those repairs. For updates, please do not call 911 or the police department to keep lines open for emergencies, but rather refer to the town’s website at or the Griffith Police Departments Facebook page. A boil order is in effect for those residents whom reside south of the railroad tracks until further notice as well as the industrial park. As a precaution, this order is also recommended to anyone else who has experienced a significant decrease in water pressure or whom have observed discoloration to their water as the scope of those effected cannot be accurately determined at this time. Should there be a significant change in the status of this event, you will receive an additional Code Red notification.
Supplemental Statement:
Any resident who believes that they have incurred property damage as the result of the watermain break is encouraged to contact Enbridge at their toll free hotline 1-866-410-4356, or at the email address of